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5 Tips for Cyber Security

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5 Tips for Cyber Security


Cyber security is something we're hearing more and more about these days. Hackers continue to prey on vulnerabilities both in professional and personal settings. It can seem like a daunting and unwinnable prospect, but there are ways we can protect ourselves. Let's talk about a few of those ways.


1.) Make sure you have the latest Updates


You want to make sure your PC has all the latest updates because these often have patches that will protect you from the latest dangers. Be sure to use an antivirus program and have it scan regularly for any security threats.


2.) Strong Passwords are a MUST


Make it a habit to regularly change your passwords. And make sure they are complex, using a strong mix of characters. Also, it's not a good idea to keep the same password for multiple sites.


3.) Use Extreme Caution with Email


Email continues to be the downfall of many a computer virus victim. So be careful! Always use caution when clicking on any link or attachment, even if the sender looks familiar. If in doubt, simply don't do it.


4.) It's OK to Say 'No'


Don't be quick to give out unwarranted information. If someone calls or emails you asking for sensitive information, no is a perfectly good answer. It's also perfectly acceptable to ask why they're asking for this information.


5.) Back Up Data FREQUENTLY


In addition to cyber attacks, backing up your data is just a good idea, plain and simple. There are many external forces or internal glitches that could cause you to lose everything. (Trust me, I have learned this the hard way.) In the event that you lose your data you want to make sure you're able to restore what you had easily. I recommend backing up in at least two physically separate places.


Obviously there are many other things you can do to protect yourself. So stay tuned for the next article in the series as well as some podcasts on the topic!

Surveillance Systems and Healthcare Industry │Surprise

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Surveillance Systems in Healthcare Industry Raise Productivity, Protect Patients, and Avoid Litigious Claims

The healthcare industry in Surprise can benefit greatly from a surveillance system, strategically deployed throughout such facilities as hospitals and healthcare clinics. Security camera footage can show evidence of employee disputes and persons (employees or visitors) who claim they’ve been injured on the grounds, threatening to sue.

Here are more important reasons why a surveillance system is a valuable security monitoring tool for those in the healthcare industry:

Raises Levels of Security and Safety

Surveillance cameras located to designated locations in a hospital or healthcare facility can halt the commission of crimes and identify intruders. They can also monitor and react to patients in distress, and visitors, who don’t belong in worker-only authorized areas.

Increases Productiveness

Security cameras can facilitate better communication and coordination between hospital divisions or buildings, increasing task and administrative efficiency.

Forestalls False Insurance Claims

For patients or visitors trying to cheat the system by alleging they’ve sustained an injury on hospital grounds or within the facility, video monitoring will help to disprove those unwarranted claims. Clear visual evidence will save the hospital, or other healthcare facility from needlessly paying out expensive insurance claims.

Solves Worker Disagreements

Video monitoring will help facilitate resolution for employees, who have experienced misunderstandings among themselves.

24 / 7 Video Monitoring

Video monitoring permits hospital workers with administrative rights to frequently watch areas like ICU units to check on patient stability. A convenience of this type of surveillance system is the monitoring can take place using a PC.

Investigative Documentation

Security cameras can offer caught-on-tape evidence concerning crimes in progress that have occurred in or around a hospital or other healthcare buildings.

Give us a call today to get you set up with a surveillance system that works for you! Call 602-248-8477 for a free quote or simply click the link below.



Virtual Block Watch Program

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Virtual Block Watch Program

Have you heard of the Virtual Block Watch program? Recently launched by Phoenix Police, it's one of the "contemporary crime prevention and investigation tools that demonstrates the effectiveness of partnerships between police and the community". As described by Sgt. Vincent Lewis on episode 8 of our podcast, it's pin map of locations around our city that lets officers know there are security cameras operating in that area. The goal is to reduce the amount of time between the commission of a crime and identification and arrest of a suspect in that crime.

So how can you be a part of it? It's easy. Simply register here and fill out simple information such as your name, address, types and amounts of cameras and contact information. After registering someone from Phoenix Police will contact you to verify the information and you will also receive a window decal to display in your home or business. From that point on, Phoenix Police will only contact you in the event of criminal activity in the vicinity of your security camera. They may request a copy of video from your camera that could assist in solving the crime.

Surveillance footage has become an important and compelling witness in our modern age. They are a valuable resource to fight crime and if you have a camera you can be of assistance. If you have surveillance cameras at your home or business sign up for this program today and you can help fight crime in Phoenix!

Find out more about the Virtual Block Watch program here.


Network Alarm Systems and Commercial Businesses │Phoenix

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Network Alarm Systems and Commercial Businesses │Phoenix

Failsafe Your Business Network with an Intrusion Detection and Prevention Alarm System

Commercial businesses in Phoenix have evolved to the degree they now need more sophisticated tools to protect their private and public networks against security threats. No longer is it enough to use just a firewall. They must augment it using a network-based alarm system, an IDS / IPS intrusion detection and prevention system.

Two components make up an intrusion detection and prevention system: an intrusion detection system (IDS) and an intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Intrusion Detection.

Performs the task of monitoring events showing up in your network. IDS analyzes the events for indicators of possibly-occurring incidents, security breaches, or impending security threats to security procedures.

Intrusion Prevention.

Overlays IDS and also monitors events. But performs the extra step of stopping oncoming incidents.

Challenges to IDS / IPS Addresses

In most business networks, there exists several places in the network that can access other public and private networks. IDS / IPS helps to keep networks open to customers without the networks becoming vulnerable to security interference.

IDS / IPS systems continually monitor your business network, noting and creating logs on incidents that may be threatening your business network, halting the incidents in their tracks, and notifying security administrators.

Another use for IDS / IPS systems is they can proactively troubleshoot security procedures to check if there are any problems that are allowing individuals to violate security procedures. This kind of security monitoring works in real time, identifying and stopping attackers as they try to collect information on your network.

IDS / IPS systems have become indispensable in today’s high-risk security climate, in which attack software has progressed to the level it can defeat even superior security systems. With network security breaches happening all the time at corporations like Target, and most recently Yahoo, a company of today can’t afford not to have the latest in network alarm systems.

Here at Phoenix Security & Technology we'd be happy to assist you in finding and installing an alarm system that works for you! Give us a call at 602-248-8477 or request a quote at the link below!


National Gun Safety Awareness Day - June 2, 2017

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National Gun Safety Awareness Day - June 2, 2017

"National Gun Safety Awareness Day" was started in 2015 to commemorate Hadiya Pendleton, who was shot and killed in Chicago when she was just 15 years old. After her death, her friends wore orange in honor of her and asked people to continue the tradition by wearing orange on "National Gun Safety Awareness Day". 

Why Orange?

As stated on the website: "Orange is what hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others from harm. Orange is a bright, bold color that demands to be seen. Orange expresses our collective hope as a nation — a hope for a future free from gun violence."

How Can You Help?

Join the millions of Americans who are wearing orange today. You can share your support by posting the hastag #WearOrange to your preferred social media network. You can also let your voice be heard by sending a letter to legislation or local businesses about gun safety. In addition, you can host or attend an awareness event. 

Gun violence kills more than 90 Americans each day and injurs hundreds more. This day sends a powerful message that there is more we can do to end gun violence.

Events in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix, there will be an event located at:

First Congregational Church UCC

1407 N 2nd St
Phoenix, AZ 85004
It will start at 6:30pm.
Here's a description of what you can expect: 
Please join AZ Moms Demand Action, Arizonans for Gun Safety, and Indivisible Phoenix for an interfaith remembrance service for those taken by gun violence. We will hear from local and state leaders, enjoy refreshments with some music, and participate in some collaborative art. We are going to light up the evening to show solidarity and commitment to ending gun violence in our communities.

 Find out more at