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Security for the Growing Technology Industry in Scottsdale

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Security for the Growing Technology Industry in Scottsdale

Security for the Growing Technology Industry in Scottsdale 1

Scottsdale is becoming the most in demand location to host centers of technology development companies by industry leaders from New York and California. These substantial competitors have chosen Scottsdale to expand their tech businesses to in order to branch out nationally. The amount of technology startup in Scottsdale has grown exponentially since the Arizona State University SkySong Innovation Center was established in 2008. It has generated the production of over 100 startup companies in Scottsdale. The city is anticipating a high-tech future.

With Scottsdale developing into a nationally known region where technology startups are developing, these new and adult companies need to look into protecting their merchandise from intruders or employees with unlawful intent.

A security system with surveillance included should be installed in order to guarantee the safety of the expensive tech materials harbored inside those very vulnerable company buildings. As the tech industry expands in Scottsdale, savvy business owners should be taking serious security measures as a preemptive tool to maintain the well-being of their company property.

Technology is a target industry in Scottsdale and theft/burglary are the number one and two types of criminal activity that are most frequent in Scottsdale. These startup companies have thousands of dollars in materials stowed in their buildings, and it would be a shame not to protect them from damage, vandalism, theft, or other criminal activity a security system could prevent.

Here, at Phoenix Security and Technology, we have a number of tools and resources that can be installed in regards to the safety  of your company. Click on the link below or call us at (602) 248-8477 to recieve a free quote!


National Pet Fire Safety Day: Do What You Can to Keep Your Pet Safe

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National Pet Fire Safety Day:

Do What You Can to Keep Your Pet Safe

July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day. Almost everyone owns a pet that has practically evolved into an important member of their family. Unfortunately, pets are prone to accidents. Whether they're the cause of an unexpected fire or caught in the crossfire (literally), they'll need you, their owner, to become their personal firefighter. We have the measures you should take in either case. Be their Hero!

Before the Fire-

Pet proof your kitchen!

The kitchen is one place in the household where fires are most likely to occur. We all know cats love anything that twists or turns. Make sure if your stove has knobs that they are secured by knob covers or completely removed.

Hide those wires!

Electrical cords definitely could spark the curiosity of your teething dog. To avert your dogs attention from these electrical chew toys, stow them away behind furniture or remove them and replace them when you return. Conceal outlets with covers so your frisky feline friend doesn't go clawing at the plug sockets.

Go metal!

If you have glass bowls on a wooden deck, especially in the blazing Phoenix heat, there's strong potential for an outdoor fire igniting right in your backyard. Replace any outdoor glass bowls with metal or plastic to prevent the fiery destruction of your deck!

Shelter them!

Train your pets to retire to a comfortable and charming kennel while you're away. This way you don't have to worry about your eager pals getting into any unwarranted danger. Be sure the kennel is stowed near an exit so your pet doesn't get trapped in the theoretical inferno.

Fake it 'till you make it!

That's right, no more leaving real candles aflame and unattended. Replace them with battery operated, flameless candles. They even have scented ones! You can still achieve that candlelit ambiance while eliminating any pesky pet odors.

Animals, especially dogs, don't always respond to fires the way that humans do. They don't seem to receive monstrous, amber flames as a threat.

In Case of a Fire-

Be ready!

Make sure your pets collar is tightly fastened and if leashes are needed, they are conveniently stored at each exit.

Use those tools!

Have a fire extinguisher at hand, smoke detectors on and functioning, and, to be even more secure, install sprinklers. These methods can usually be used to contain or smother a small fire.

No pet left behind!

In the event that you are not home when a fire occurs, leave multiple window stickers or tags that list your pets and the rooms they are secured away in. This assists the firefighter in finding all your animals in a time efficient manner.

Your pets rely on you to keep them out of trouble and protect them from severe harm. Take these steps into serious consideration and utilize these preventative measures to save your pet's life from a fire.


If you need a fire alarm system, please give us a call at 602-248-8477! Just click the link below for a free quote.


The Benefits of Owning a Surveillance System

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Surveillance Benefits

The Benefits of Owning a Surveillance System

It should come as no surprise that surveillance systems enhance a sense of security, but they do much more than merely provide a peace of mind. Surveillance systems help conquer fear of vulnerability or doubt of protection. Simply owning a security system decreases the risk of theft or vandalism. However, it does not completely eliminate that risk. Security systems are there for when unlawful acts do occur in your home or business place.

Owning a security system allows one to be in control of their assets with extensive knowledge on their whereabouts. With remote access, people can survey their goods from any location. If a burglary does occur their is video footage and other types of supervising mechanisms that can aid in an investigation. For property owners, surveillance systems can assist in evading incriminating accusations that may be falsely made by and employee or a client. 

 Not only do surveillance systems provide around- the- clock protection, but they are also cost- efficient tools for property owners. They diminish the use of a full-time security guard, or a couple for that matter, and are implicitly long-term solutions. There’s no hassle of background checks or worry of unreliable employees. The technology is a lasting investment that could potentially save a property owner thousands of dollars they would be spending on a security force.

 Having a surveillance system installed does not only keep away the burglars, but it increases productivity in the workplace as well. When employees are being watched or at least know they are, they tend to prioritize their work and stay more focused than usual. Often they believe they are under the scrutiny of their employer and fully commit to the work expected of them. Owning a surveillance system can also help solve any issues with inventory. If someone may have accidentally (or on purpose) misplaced specific items, there is footage documenting where these items may be or if the employee is being honest or not. Surveillance systems can also be used to resolve employee disputes by monitoring behavioral patterns between coworkers.

Surveillance systems could be installed for personal or business matters, and they are significantly useful in both settings. It could be a detriment to one’s valuables if they don’t take preventative measures. However, it guarantees protection of not only their possessions, but their business, their homes, and themselves as well. 

If you're in need of a surveillance system, call our friendly staff at 602-248-8477 or click the link below for a free quote.


5 Tips for Cyber Security

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5 Tips for Cyber Security


Cyber security is something we're hearing more and more about these days. Hackers continue to prey on vulnerabilities both in professional and personal settings. It can seem like a daunting and unwinnable prospect, but there are ways we can protect ourselves. Let's talk about a few of those ways.


1.) Make sure you have the latest Updates


You want to make sure your PC has all the latest updates because these often have patches that will protect you from the latest dangers. Be sure to use an antivirus program and have it scan regularly for any security threats.


2.) Strong Passwords are a MUST


Make it a habit to regularly change your passwords. And make sure they are complex, using a strong mix of characters. Also, it's not a good idea to keep the same password for multiple sites.


3.) Use Extreme Caution with Email


Email continues to be the downfall of many a computer virus victim. So be careful! Always use caution when clicking on any link or attachment, even if the sender looks familiar. If in doubt, simply don't do it.


4.) It's OK to Say 'No'


Don't be quick to give out unwarranted information. If someone calls or emails you asking for sensitive information, no is a perfectly good answer. It's also perfectly acceptable to ask why they're asking for this information.


5.) Back Up Data FREQUENTLY


In addition to cyber attacks, backing up your data is just a good idea, plain and simple. There are many external forces or internal glitches that could cause you to lose everything. (Trust me, I have learned this the hard way.) In the event that you lose your data you want to make sure you're able to restore what you had easily. I recommend backing up in at least two physically separate places.


Obviously there are many other things you can do to protect yourself. So stay tuned for the next article in the series as well as some podcasts on the topic!

Surveillance Systems and Healthcare Industry │Surprise

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Surveillance Systems in Healthcare Industry Raise Productivity, Protect Patients, and Avoid Litigious Claims

The healthcare industry in Surprise can benefit greatly from a surveillance system, strategically deployed throughout such facilities as hospitals and healthcare clinics. Security camera footage can show evidence of employee disputes and persons (employees or visitors) who claim they’ve been injured on the grounds, threatening to sue.

Here are more important reasons why a surveillance system is a valuable security monitoring tool for those in the healthcare industry:

Raises Levels of Security and Safety

Surveillance cameras located to designated locations in a hospital or healthcare facility can halt the commission of crimes and identify intruders. They can also monitor and react to patients in distress, and visitors, who don’t belong in worker-only authorized areas.

Increases Productiveness

Security cameras can facilitate better communication and coordination between hospital divisions or buildings, increasing task and administrative efficiency.

Forestalls False Insurance Claims

For patients or visitors trying to cheat the system by alleging they’ve sustained an injury on hospital grounds or within the facility, video monitoring will help to disprove those unwarranted claims. Clear visual evidence will save the hospital, or other healthcare facility from needlessly paying out expensive insurance claims.

Solves Worker Disagreements

Video monitoring will help facilitate resolution for employees, who have experienced misunderstandings among themselves.

24 / 7 Video Monitoring

Video monitoring permits hospital workers with administrative rights to frequently watch areas like ICU units to check on patient stability. A convenience of this type of surveillance system is the monitoring can take place using a PC.

Investigative Documentation

Security cameras can offer caught-on-tape evidence concerning crimes in progress that have occurred in or around a hospital or other healthcare buildings.

Give us a call today to get you set up with a surveillance system that works for you! Call 602-248-8477 for a free quote or simply click the link below.