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Surveillance Cameras Provide Valuable Video Evidence

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Surveillance Cameras Provide Valuable Video Evidence

Surveillance cameras are imperative to crime prevention and for curbing vandalism, but they can also provide video evidence if there's ever accidental damage done to your property.

The following video is from David, one of our clients who used the video footage to prove who was at fault. In the words of David "If a photo is work 1,000 words, the video evidence is worth 100,000."

Don't be left in the dust without any evidence when something like this happens on YOUR property. Get in touch with us today and we'll work with you to find a solution to fit your needs. Call 602-248-8477 or simply click the link below to request a quote.


One Week 'Til ISCWest!

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One Week 'Til ISCWest!

Next week ISCWest kicks off in Las Vegas and we excited to be sending be sending 2 team members there! Representing Phoenix Security and Technology will be Adam Mustafa (Sales Engineer) and Kate Dubinko (Marketing Manager). 

So what exactly is ISCWest and why are we so excited to be going there?

ISCWest (short for International Security Conference) is the largest security industry tradeshow in the US and offers the opportunity to network with over 29,000 security professionals!

Here are a few of the highlights as stated on the official ISC website:

  • New Products & Technologies encompassing everything from access control to unmanned vehicles from over 1,000 Exhibitors & Brands.
  • Working with SIA, ISC also features world class education to learn about every facet of the security industry.
  • NEW! Unmanned Security Expo - an all-new event launching within ISC West focusing on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Robotics & Vehicles (UGVs), and the various software and applications that support them.
  • NEW! Connected Security Expo (CSE) moved to the ISC West Show Floor - as the digital and physical worlds collide, it is increasingly important for industry professionals to protect their organizations and clients from both physical and cyber threats. CSE provides holistic solutions for today’s connected organizations. To get the most out of your trip, Refer your IT Security Colleagues to the Show Here and attend as a buying team.

Who Should Attend?

ISCWest is the place to be if you're involved with the security industry. Their website has a handy list of people who might find ISCWest beneficial.

Physical Security:




End-Users from various vertical markets including Healthcare, Education, Finance, Retail, Transportation/Public Safety, Hospitality & Entertainment, Oil/Gas/Utilities and more.


Architects & Engineers

Central Station

And More

IT Security:

IT Integrators

IT Vars

CISO’s, CIOs & Directors of Cyber & Information Security


Risk & Compliance

And More

See You There!

Like we said, we're thrilled to be going and look forward to networking, learning about new technologies and covering the event via social media and our new podcast! If you see Adam or Kate, be sure to say hi and ask for one of our special giveaways!

Go check out for more info and to register! See you in Vegas!


Industrial Fire Alarm Systems │Scottsdale

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Industrial Fire Alarm Systems Scottsdale


Quick-Talk About Industrial Fire Alarm Systems

As any experienced manufacturer in Scottsdale knows, manufacturing encompasses many variables. You manage multiple tasks, handling materials, setting up and maintaining work processes, tracking inventory, and rushing your products to the marketplace.

You have assets to protect, not the least of which is your facility and manufacturing equipment. The worst of all possible scenarios is if a fire should erupt, which could bring your plant to a screeching halt, if not complete collapse.

In order to protect your business, you need the newest generation of integrated fire alarm systems. And that would include components as a fire alarm, sprinkler, and security monitoring (heat, water, temperature, and pressure).

Fire alarm systems are many-tentacled, branching out into several categories and sub-categories. We can start by talking about the two basic types of fire alarms: automatic and manual.

Automatic fire alarm systems operate by transmitting an audio-visual alert when the fire alarm system detects smoke. The audio can be a computerized voice, announcing that an emergency has been reported, and further instructions on how to evacuate the building. The visual component could be strobes or flashing lights.

Manual fire alarm systems possess pull stations, located at convenient spots throughout the building. If well-placed, an individual should be within viewing distance of one of a number of pull stations.

Industrial fire alarm systems stretch into other areas such as smoke and heat detection, sprinkler and water flow systems, even sensing smoke coming through an HVAC duct.

Descending further into the Byzantine world of fire alarm system manufacturers, they offer conventional, addressable, and hybrid fire alarms. They range from manual to automatic to integrated manual / automated fire alarm systems.

As you can see by the wealth of information dispensed in this short blog, there’s a fire alarm system out there appropriate for your manufacturing business.

Get in touch with us today. We will inform and help you decide what kind of fire alarm system is the best and most affordable to protect what’s valuable to you as a manufacturer. Call 602-248-8477 or request a quote online at the link below.




Retail Businesses and Intrusion Alarms │Surprise

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Retail Businesses and Intrusion Alarms Surprise

Intrusion Alarms Protect Inventory and Property


Commercial retail business owners operating in Surprise, are you aware of the many types of intrusion alarms available to suit the needs of your particular business for protection against intruders and theft?

An intrusion alarm is engineered to note the intrusion of any unauthorized person into your store. Intrusion alarms offer protection against inventory shrinkage and acts of vandalism.

In more sophisticated intrusion alarm systems integration with a closed-circuit television (CCTV) security monitoring system will record criminals in the act of theft or property damage.

Depending on the size of your commercial retail business you may only need a device, which emits a beeping sound; for instance, every time a customer enters or leaves the store. If you own a smallish retail business like a donut or sandwich shop this would be an appropriate and affordable solution.

Larger commercial retail businesses such as large appliance stores may need intrusion alarm devices equipped with security cameras, spotlights, and lasers.

Commercial retail businesses like car dealerships might choose a premises control unit (PCU), or alarm control panel (ACP). These sensor-based intrusion alarms scan inputs and warns whenever there is an intruder.

Grocery store owners might want the protection of an alerting intrusion alarm device. Usually equipped with bells, sirens, or a combination of sirens and flashing lights, it can serve a dual function: signaling an intruder has entered and startling them into leaving.

Many more types of intrusion alarms are manufactured including motion detectors, photoelectric beams, hold up / panic, and door contacts to name some.

An intrusion alarm that meets the needs of your retail business is out there. For more information, and to consult with an intrusion alarm expert, call  Phoenix Surveillance today at 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote.


Hospitals and Access Control │Glendale

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Hospitals and Access Control Glendale

New Access Control Technology Making an Impact in Healthcare


Healthcare facilities in the Glendale area are facing increasing challenges in improving their security monitoring. Security monitoring is a broad category that covers surveillance cameras, fire alarms, surveillance systems, and intrusion alarms. Security monitoring also includes access control.

Access control in a hospital setting has undergone a transformation, due in part to terrorist attacks that are sadly common. The other reasons are improvements in patient care and protection of hospital medical assets, including ancillary medically-related items.

Access control is a broad topic, applicable to the Internet, computer operating systems, security monitoring networks, business and industry environments.

In full-service hospitals such as exist in Glendale, access control is used in vulnerable spaces like child-birthing rooms, emergency rooms, and ICU. Other areas that must also be access-controlled include storage spaces for prescribed medications, medical supply cabinets, and other items essential for patient care.

Access control security monitoring systems must be able to adapt to the requirements of multiple departments that possess individual needs and differing operational procedures. Flexibility is essential to permit authorized hospital staff to move about without constraints. Authorized access must be coordinated across all relevant departments to keep the functioning of the hospital efficient.

It’s not just hospital staff activities that must be access-controlled, but also aberrant patient behavior. Towards this objective security monitoring manufacturing companies in the forefront of the latest in access control technologies are offering patient-wandering detection systems, which can be incorporated into access control systems like closed circuit television (CCTV).

Other access control innovations include no-touch access control door readers that can scan credentials, authorizing entry by automatically opening the door.

Intelligent keys are another new access control technology gaining acceptance. An intelligent key cannot be duplicated; it can only be replaced with another key that fits the simple cylinder.

These access control technologies and others are changing the landscape of large and small healthcare facilities to the benefit of administrators, doctors, nurses, radiologists, lab technicians, volunteers, and other medical professionals.

Call us today for a free consultation at 602-248-8477 or click the link below to request a quote.