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Access Control in El Mirage AZ

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Access Control El Mirage AZ

Access Control El Mirage AZ | Commercial Access Control Arizona

Access control installation in El Mirage, AZ by Phoenix Surveillance offers specialized service and installation of custom access control systems. Our well-informed staff will help you to find the best access control options in El Mirage.

What is Access Control?

Access control is way to limit entry to a physical or virtual system. In most cases a user must have certain credentials before access can be granted. There are many forms of access control that can help to secure an area including key cards, access codes, pins and even biometric readings.

There are four basic types of access control models. Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Discretionary Access Control (DAC), and Rule Based Access Control (RBAC or RB-RBAC).  Each of these access control models have pros and cons so let's take a deeper look and see which type of access control works best for your El Mirage business.

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Mandatory Access Control AZ | Commercial Access Control Arizona

This model gives only the owner and custodian(s) access control. This model is one of the more highly classified and can be customized to enable users with lower clearance to read higher data and higher level users to write for lower levels.

Role Based Access Control | Commercial Access Control Arizona

This model provides access control based on a specific position within an organization. So instead of assigning a person individual permissions the position that person has would already have the permissions assigned to it.

Discretionary Access Control  | Commercial Access Control Arizona

This is a less restrictive type of access control compared to the previous models. This type of access control allows the user total control over objects they own as well as the programs associated with the objects. While having advantages in regard to ease of assigning permissions it be a major weakness due to the user being granted unintended privileges.

Commercial Access Control Arizona | Role Based Access

The rule based access control model assigns roles to the user based on information input by management or a custodian. Rule Based Access Control can limit employees to certain files that can only be used at a certain time of day. Commercial access control is vital to any business.

Which type of Access Control in El Mirage is best for You?

Each commercial property and business has unique needs for access control in El Mirage. Our staff is highly qualified to help you to choose the option that works best for you. We want to help you make your establishment as safe and secure as possible with whatever access control in El Mirage works for you! Call 602-2488477 or click the link below to request a quote!

Phoenix Surveillance For All of Your Surveillance Needs

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Phoenix Surveillance was established in 2004 in Phoenix, AZ. We are a fully-licensed, bonded, and fully-insured Low Voltage Contractor with UL certified installers.

We provide design, installation and support for new and existing structured cabling needs for systems and hardware such as: Computer Networks, Burglary/Intrusion, CCTV, Data, Voice, Video, Audio, Fiber-optic communication, in addition to Fire and Access Control systems.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We focus our efforts on being the most dependable, ethical, and customer friendly company, period. We have successfully completed installs/rendered services for over 800 clients in 22 states as well as in Canada.


We look forward to doing business with you! Call 602-248-8477 today for a free quote or simply click the link below to request a quote.

National Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day

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August 16th is "National Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day" so we wanted to take a moment to commemorate this seemingly odd and perplexing holiday.

Surveillance cameras have become a necessary and important part of our lives. Although the constant surveillance of the world around us is often the subject of controversy, most people would agree that they have made the world a safer place. They can help to prevent crimes, assist in criminal investigations, help to monitor traffic, help retail businesses control inventory and more.

Even with all of the obvious advantages it can be a strange feeling knowing that you're being constantly monitored. There are many issues to consider when one examines to social and personal ramifications of the extensive surveillance we see. It can definitely be a weighty issue. So Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day was created to add a bit of light heartedness to a topic that is normally overwhelmingly serious.


What's the best way to celebrate it? Just wave! It's that easy. This day was created in hopes that people can forget about the serious problems we face, even if just for a moment. So be on the lookout for any surveillance cameras in the area and give them a friendly wave. (Dancing is optional.) Hopefully it'll bring you some joy to your day, not to mention anyone who's monitoring the footage!


Security Cameras in Cave Creek

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Security Cameras in Cave Creek

Do you need a news security camera system in Cave Creek, Arizona? Look no further! Finding security cameras in Cave Creek can be like a challenging task. There are many options to choose from, but regardless of your individual needs, here at Phoenix Surveillance we can help you find whatever security cameras you need. Our friendly and professional staff are well informed with cutting edge technology in the security field and will be happy to assist.

Why are Security Cameras in Cave Creek Important?

One of the primary reasons people explore the option of security cameras in Cave Creek is safety. We live in an crime-filled world and we all want to be safe. While we cannot wipe out crime completley we can do our best to prevent potential risks. Installing security cameras in Cave Creek is a wise step you can take to make your business more safe and secure. Security Cameras in Cave Creek will help to prevent crime, assist in criminal investigations, improve the productivity of employees, and more!


Security Cameras in Cave Creek Make All the Difference

Many customers tell us that having security cameras in the Phoenix area has had a huge impact.  They report a decrease in things such as break ins, vandalism, robberies and other crimes. Customers are happy that security cameras in Cave Creek have made their employees feel more protected.


Security Camera Options

 There is a wide selection of security cameras in Cave Creek to choose from including Hikvision, Arecont, Axis and Samsung. Here's a sampling of some of our best selling models:

Hikvision  DS-2CD6362F-I 1.27mm

This 6 megapixel fisheye camera has a 360 degree angle, ceiling, wall or table mounts, and up to 3072x2048 real-time streaming. Another great option for security cameras in Cave Creek.

Arecont AV20365DN-HB

This cutting edge camera has incredible features to add safety and security to your business. The 20 megapixel camera provides clear and detailed footage. The 360 degree panoramic  coverage gives you a comprehensive view and can even replace multiple conventional cameras by the ability to zoom into multiple regions of interest. And the vandal resistant dome is an essential feature to deter crime in the Cave Creek area.

Axis P54 PTZ

This durable, low maintenance security camera is a great option for the harsh weather we have here in Phoenix. An integrated sunshield can easily be repainted to seamlessly blend into the color of the building. The direct drive pan/tilt system enables unsurpassed endurance thus adding to your security. This model offers HDTV 1080p and supports 18x optical zoom with autofocus. These highly detailed views provide better image quality in low-light conditions than many other HDTV PTZ security cameras in Cave Creek.

We have many other cameras in Cave Creek for area businesses to take advantage of so give us a call today and speak with our qualified sales team to learn about which security cameras in Cave Creek work best for your establishment.

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Our friendly staff strives to provide attentive service, quality installations and the best security cameras in Cave Creek to fit your needs. So call 602-248-8477 today for a free quote! We look forward to doing business with you showing you why we are one of the most highly rated surveillance companies in the Cave Creek area!





Anthem Fire Alarm Systems

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Anthem Fire Alarm Systems | Commercial Fire Alarms Anthem

Another mainstay service we provide at Phoenix Surveillance is Fire Alarm System installment and monitoring. Properly working fire alarms are important not only for the preservation of your business, but more importantly to protect human lives.

The Widespread Problem of Fires | Commercial Fire Alarms Anthem

The city of Anthem Fire Department dispatches numerous fire related calls every year! Fires are not cheap and can injure or even kill precious lives. But a fire alarm system we can help us prevent such an occurance. Nobody wants to think about how to deal with a situation like this, and might even question if it is necessary to have the system installed for your Anthem business.

So why is it so paramount to have a fire alarm system for your business?

Advanced Warning | Commercial Fire Alarms Anthem

One major reason is the advance warning it can give you in case of fire. A lot of times by the time someone sees a fire, it can already be too late. However, the fire alarm's complex sensors are made to identify the initial trace of a fire and set off an alarm. Sprinkler systems can also be activated at this time, putting the fire out before it becomes out of control. Having a fire alarm system can actually be life-saving and significantly decrease the amount of property damage.

Observation | Commercial Fire Alarms Anthem

Detecting fires when no one else is in the vicinity is another advantage of fire alarm systems. This is particularly important for a business setting since it is unlikely that somebody will be on site at every moment. So if a fire breaks out when your office is empty your Anthem fire alarm system will make the needed calls for you. This amount of security, knowing that monitoring is happening around the clock will put your mind at ease.

Where to Start | Commercial Fire Alarms Anthem

Selecting the best Alarm Systems around Anthem can seem like an daunting task. But, we can help you choose the best fire alarm system for your needs. Our friendly and professional sales reps and technicians are available to help you make your decison. Call us today for a free quote and you will be well on your way to having one of the best Anthem Fire Alarm Systems around!