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Shopping Malls and the Need for Security Cameras Scottsdale

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Shopping Malls and the Need for Security Cameras



Commercial shopping centers, especially in Scottsdale, are well-known to attract more customers than other commercial businesses specifically because of the retail abundance and convenience. Not only do they host multiple retail stores in one location, but they also contain restaurants, movie theatres, and salons. Shopping malls are a center that attracts the one-stop shopper.
With so many stores and customers attending to their shopping all day long, money and merchandise is in constant circulation at the mall. This gives shoplifters multiple opportunities to rob. The busy activity of the mall marks it as a susceptible location for theft, which is why security cameras should be installed to deter thieves or any criminal activity from taking place in the establishment.

Research on shoplifting at malls expresses that once someone has stolen from a store and successfully got away with it, they will hit that same store again and again. This will ultimately add to the store's expenses and sometimes the shoplifters are hard to identify by an employee. There is no profile for a shoplifter. Often, shoplifters buy and steal merchandise in the same visit, deflecting employees from suspecting them for theft. Shoplifters can steal anywhere from $2 to $200 per incident. Most of shoplifters have turned robbing into a skill and have almost become professionals at warding off attention. They are often repeat offenders and have honed in on their skill of theft by becoming familiar with stores and employees. In fact, research shows that some shoplifters call the act addicting. Scientifically, a chemical is released in the brain when people shoplift due to the increase in adrenaline and shoplifters react impulsively.

Scottsdale is a city in Arizona where their malls take the big financial hits due to theft. People have been reported to have stolen expensive Rolex watches, merchandise from high-end retail stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, wallets from other customers, and even luxury cars from the parking lot in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall alone.
Malls in Scottsdale and just in general need to take extra precautionary measures and install surveillance systems everywhere to protect their merchandise and their other customers from theft. Employees can't keep an eye on every customer. Employers need the watchful eye of a security camera to be a reliable witness to any criminal conduct they don't catch.

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SARRC Tech Camp in Tempe

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SARRC Tech Camp in Tempe

SARRC Tech Camp in Tempe

The SARRC, or Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center is hosting a tech camp for young adults, ages 16 -26 in Tempe, Arizona. The week-long event is also sponsored by University of Advancing Technology, New Way Academy.

SARRC is offering the tech camp as a simulated college experience. Campers get to experience university life from the week of July 23 - 29. They get to live in the dorms, take classes, and complete group projects. Participants also get to enjoy the games available and learn more about campus life. They will be enrolled in classes and encouraged to branch out and make friends. By the end of the week, the students will present a project showcasing their involvement and knowledge acquired over the week. It is located at the University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Rd., Tempe 85283.

Learn more at

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Fun Facts Friday: The Security Camera

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Fun Facts Friday:

The Security Camera

Fun Facts


1. The first instance of security cameras took place in Peenemunde, Germany. German engineer Walter Burch created the CCTV camera at Test Stand VII to watch the launch of a the German V2 Rocket in 1942.



2. Surveillance cameras were not used publicly until 1962 when cameras were installed in Olean, New York to monitor and discourage crime.



3. The first industry to adopt the use of security cameras to prevent theft was the banking industry.

vintage bank

4. However, today we are using about 25 million cameras, world-wide.



5. Singapore Airport contains over 3000 security cameras alone.



6. The UK has 4 million CCTV cameras or 20% of the world's total security cameras. The UK has the maximum number of CCTV cameras in proportion to their population. There is one camera for every 14 people.



7. The London Tube Network alone is secured by as many as 11,000 cameras.



8. CCTV surveillance cameras are used in industrial areas like chemical plants or nuclear power plants where humans have little to no access to due the severe chemical conditions.



9. Apparently, the average citizen is caught on camera about 300 times in one day.



10. It is estimated that 67% of burglaries can be prevented with the use of CCTV cameras.



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The Tech Tip-Off! Tech Panel: AI, Machine Learning and Innovation By: Tech in Motion Events

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The Tech Tip-Off!

Tech Panel: AI, Machine Learning and Innovation

By: Tech in Motion Events


The Tech Tip-Off! for this week is hosted by Tech in Motion Events. Today, Thursday, July 20, 2017, there is a tech panel called AI, Machine Learning, & Automation being held in Irving California. The event goes from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM PDT at UCI Applied Innovation. The panelists include California- local technology trailblazers bringing the various new technological advances and inventions to the public.

There will be complimentary food and drink served at the beginning of the event (from 6:00-7:00 PM), giving attendees a moment to branch out to fellow techies. The panel discussion will begin at 7:00 PM and last for 45 minutes. Following the discussion, discussion there will be a brief Q&A for audience members. Finally, from 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM, the innovators will conclude the discussion portion of the vent and give attendees another brief chance to network.

The moderator of the event is Neil Sahota who is an IBM Master Inventor. He has worked in the industry for more than 15 years and helps to develop next generation products. He is also a business savvy leader with a background at IBM Global Business Services. Speakers of the event include Erik Hubberman who is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media. Hawke Media is a marketing service that has branched out in the Artificial Intelligence field. John Fitch, founder of Air Stream, is also speaking at the event. Fitch has 20+ years background in AI/ML engineering. Fitch is interested in developing more tech companies in Orange County. Tony Sarris, founder and principal of N2Semantics, will also lending his voice to the panel. Tony focuses on the technical architecture of semantic technologies. He applies his semantic research capabilities to other markets. Andrew Bermudez is another panelist at the event. He is the CEO and co-founder of a technology company called Digsy AI. Other unannounced speakers are expected to join the panel as well!

There will be so many important faces of technology in one building discussing their strategies of incorporating new technological advances into several different industries and markets. The best part about the event (besides it being free) is you can attend from all over. That's right, you can live stream it! So Arizona techies, don't worry, you can also join in on the community news and insightful lessons from the guest speakers. Click here to tune into the live event!

To learn more about this event and other upcoming occasions visit:

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No Appetite for These Apps: The Useless Apps That you Really Don't Need

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No Appetite For These Apps:

The Useless Apps That You Really Don't Need

No Appetite for These Apps

Apps. Don't they seem like the cornerstone of convenience; the essence of phone technology? Well, not all apps are as functional as others.

You know those time when you're bored at the office and you pick up your stapler, aim, and fire at, well, the air? Suddenly your office becomes Call of Duty and occupies your time for at least half an hour. You get to work on your target practice and de-jam your stapler at the same time. Classic. If you were browsing through the app store on your smart phone and happened to come across the SimStapler app, just know it's nothing like that. The app is simply a virtual stapler you press down on and release. That's it. They take a staple of the office (pun intended) and simplify it into a push-me type game. Bor-ing!

Gosh, thinking of things to say in a text message is hard work. I mean, first you've got to think of what to initially say and then you have to think of a witty reply. Worry no more because with the Yo app you'll never have to think of any other words to say or even hold a substantial conversation again. The app sends a message that merely reads yo to other users. That all sounds fine and dandy until you realize that is literally all you can say with the app. Pesky words! Who needs them when you've got yo, the one syllable gem of the English dictionary. (Yes, yo is in the dictionary. I checked).

Have you ever almost drop your expensive smart phone on the cement, but pulled an amazing Spiderman-like move and caught it midair? Every smart phone user is familiar with the colossal sigh of relief that immediately follows that crippling panic. Now, imagine throwing your phone as high in the air as you can for sport. Send Me To Heaven or SMTH is an app that monitors how high you can throw your phone. I think the name of the app is more of a subliminal warning rather than a catchy title. If you drop that phone, it is definitely going straight to phone heaven. Murder.

Another app that ruthlessly takes the life of your phone it Heater. Cold hands are THE WORST. My initial response to chilly fingers would be to rub my hands together, tuck them in my pockets, are breathe hot air on them... not use my phone. Heater is an app that turns on the heat in order to warm you right up. I know convenience is everything people, but all this app does is fry your CPU, subsequently destroying your phone. Go out and buy some mittens. Trust me, it's much more affordable than a new smart phone.

These last two apps are similar in design and are equally useless. IBeer and Virtual Cigarette Smoking. Bad habits die hard... but live on through the app store? IBeer is a simulated beer glass that you hold against your mouth and pretend to drink. Virtual Cigarette Smoking is pretty self explanatory. There's no real tobacco or no real beer . The only thing that's real about these apps is how ridiculous you'll look sucking on your iPhone.

So, next time you think your app idea is too silly to develop, think again. People love that they can do virtually anything with the tap of a finger.


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